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Papua New Guinea underwater photos photography marine life photo
Eastern Pacific
Underwater Photographs from Papua New Guinea page 1
Examples of fish, invertebrates and scenics found around Papua New Guinea
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Scenic of sea fans
Two moray eels
Magnificent ceratosoma nudibranch
soft coral
PS-20 Scenic of sea fans
and crinoids
PF-21 Two moray eel species
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PI-60 Magnificent ceratosoma
PS-14 Strange drooping
soft coral
Pygmy seahorse
sea fan
Clown anemonefish
Shrimp on bubble coral
PS-14 Large sea fan
PF-38 Clown anemonefish
(Amphiprion ocelaris)
PF-29 Pygmy seahorse
(Hippocampus bargibanti)
PI-22 Shrimp on bubble coral

Hermit crab

Harlequin Ghost Pipefish
Giant clam skin

PI-45 Hermit crab
PF-22 Harlequin or Ornate
Ghost Pipefish
PI-34 Giant clam skin
(Tridacna sp.)
CAI-30 School of bannerfish
(Heniochus diphreutes)